Monday, February 11, 2013


Well, I am sad at least. Starting this Saturday February 16, I'll be single mom for the next 4 months. You got it, Weston starts Baseball season for the PURPLES. I know that he has a great ministry to the boys that play and it is reflected by how many of the past players he still keeps in touch with many years later. I know that they all love him and in fact he gets many messages saying as much. I hope that I can be that positive light in someones life. Just one of the many things I love about him. HOWEVER, it does mean that I run around crazy for 4 months taking kids to and fro and trying to just keep us all fed with clean clothes. It does get kinda crazy. AND I wouldn't trade it for the world. Soooo, GO PURPLES! GOOD LUCK this baseball season and enjoy my husband! :)

While Weston is away, all of us get to play. Tucker will begin his 1st season in Kid Pitch this year for the city league. AJ will play soccer for the Cheetahs again- the same team from the fall and taking swimming lessons. Trapper is dying off to play for the Hotrods coach pitch again with Coach Price in the county. Fast Times! I mean didn't we just finish playoffs last week for last season?? Well I'm excited and so are they. Really there is nothing more fun than watching them play and have fun with friends and hey, I get to have fun with other mommy friends too.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Report cards = BRAG time

Well, what can I say, my kids are smart. I mean, I look at myself everyday and say, " am I sure they weren't switched at birth"? No really, LOL.... Weston and I were both very average in school and  managed to pass most classes. But let me tell you, the 3 Vernon kiddo's must have inherited some gene that came from generations back to do so good academically.

So with out delaying this any further....

Tucker got all A's and one 1 B, that one B was a 89.9%! Come on MRS COLE!! help a guy out! Tuck's one subject he struggles with is math and works very hard at it. I wish she had allowed him some extra credit to try to get the A. But, then again it's Mrs. Cole we're talking about. I am a very proud Momma none the less. Additionally, he was asked to participate in the Duke Academic program that gives more challenging work to kids that excel. He scored in the top 5% in the nation on a recent placement test.

Ansley Jane is our sleeping giant. She doesn't have much home work this year, except some occasional math on the computer. However, she scored all 9's on her recent placement testing in reading. To give perspective, a 5 is average. Her total score was a 477. To score above average you had to score 372. WOW! She also scored all 7 on her math and was well above average in that scoring as well. She was placed in her schools gifted program this year and I think she has really enjoyed it.

Trapper is doing great also, he tries hard. I hope that he continues to put forth effort that he is showing in his extra studies with dad at home. He did great on his report card and hopefully continues on to finish out his year good. He got his first reading award this past week and he was so excited!

One thing I will say about Trapper is that I never worry about him finding a job when he gets older. He's a work horse. This past Saturday, he helped us plant 10 trees in the rain. The other 2? Well they were inside in the nice warm cozy house. Not Trap- nope he was working! He will always have a job, that's already evident.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WE are the CHAMPIONS!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that Tucker played football for the first time this year. He had mentioned it in the past and Weston and I were not convinced that he was completely ready. This year, however, we thought he was ready to give it a try. It was now or never. I have never experienced this type of team experience and was a little worried as many of his teammates had played for several years. After his first practice he was in love. He loved this game and was so excited about playing.  I was so glad that we allowed him to play and experience this game and what an experience it was. Below are some pictures from the toybowl. They played and almost undefeated season loosing only one game to teh titans. They were a big team that we beat once and then they beat us. IT WAS INTENSE. I even had words with one of the titans dads which was not one of my finer moments but he did diserve what was said. I was super excited to learn that we had been given the #1 place in the season play and then seaded (sp) first in the tournament. we won all games leading up to the toybowl and game day came. It was a day full of events and super full of nerves. I am anxious to see if Tucker plays in highschool how I will feel in a big game :). The coaches took the kids to eat and then to watch a special video and do a pregame walk through. then we had a sherrif to escort the team down Scottsville rd to the game at Greenwood high school. We made a tunnel and the boys got to walk through a "bronco walk". The boys took the field and the game began. We were able to keep up with them and scored fairly quickly int he game. they soon scored and we were able to somewhat keep the score even until close to the end of the second quarter. They took the lead by 2 touchdowns. After half time they kept the lead. It was beginning to look like the titans were gonna win. With 3 minutes left in the game, we scored 3 touchdowns with one being in the final 30 seconds of the game. It was fabulous!! I don't think I have ever had so much fun watching football. It was THE best game I have ever watched. I put  alink below in the final minutes of the game. Since they won the game, we got to be honored at school in the Good morning Potter Gray and also got to be in the Christmas parade. It has been a great experience and I hope that Tucker has enjoyed it as much as we have.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall 2012

This picture just gives you a little idea of Trapper's personality. This was on the way to school one day. He always has a good time. No matter where. I look at this picture and he just makes me laugh!

 Tucker decided that he wanted to play football this year instead of soccer so, we signed him up. I was a bit nervous as he has never even really thrown a football or shown much interest, but he wanted to and of course his daddy-o was supper pumped about. And, to beat it all.... his best friend Tanner got to play with him.
We went to Destin again on fall break and got to do some fun stuff. Trap has been dying to get a bear from build a bear and had a lot of fun making him. He chose a military style adn named  him Logan after a soilder that we know.

Weston and I got to go out with all the other adults for dinner one night to Tommy Bahamas. It was so good. I think it will be our new go to place as a group.

AJ at Baytown Warf. She wanted to get all dressed up. :) what's new?

Weston and I participated in the 10k this year. I suprised weston with those lovely green Bose ear phones that morning. he was so super shocked I think he wore them all day even after the race. I had my mom get them while we were in Destin at the bose outlet.

Pumpkin carving time....

Trapper wanted to be a pirate this year and so I pulled together some pieces from everyone to make that happen. Gran Gran had saved my  brothers pirate costume from 20 years ago so, he has that on- kinda neat.

Ansley FINALLY chose who she wanted to be, we bounced from Honey boo boo to a vampire wife to.... you guessed it uncle SI from Duck Dynasty. ( by the way, if you haven't watched that show, you are really missing out)

Ansley Jane's Birthday has finally come. I say finally because she has pestored me continuously about getting Justin Bieber tickets. Little did she know we had purchased them back in May and had to keep it a secret all summer. She was so excited to get them.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Caroline. We got them on November 2011

Charlie and Caroline

Tucker's reading award. School year 2011-2012. 3rd Grade

AJ at the Kindergarden Christmas Show

Kiddo's at teh church Christmas program 2011

Tucker playing an instrument that my great uncle Wayne in Montana made and mailed to my mom. It's really fun to play.

Trapper's first year of baseball, coach pitch summer 2012

Easter 2012

Trappers first year of soccer fall 2011

Summer vacation 2011 with the deaton's

First day of school 2011. AJ Kindergarden adn Tucker 3rd grade

Ski trip 2012

Trapper'scooby doo birthday party. Age 5

Schools back in session

This year we have 3 kids...count that 1, 2, 3....all at the same school!! I really thought this day would never come. We are blessed with the best school.... POTTER GRAY! My kids love it and so do I. It helps that the principal was one of my favorite teachers while in high school and his wife, well she WAS my favorite teacher. She began my love for health sciences. Mr. Tinius runs a tight ship and allows the kiddo's to have fun too. I know this is going to be a great year. Tucker is in Mrs. Van Meter's 4th grade, Ansley is in Ms. VanMeter's 1st grade and Trapper is in Mrs. Lowry's kindergarden.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby its cold outside!

So why not swim inside!
No seriously, Ansley got a Barbie swimming pool for Christmas so she and Trap decided to take a swim in it to see how it worked. Well, it worked so well that she broke her glasses while swimming. Oh, well at least she had fun even if she can't see.